Trang chủ Blog But when he found no purse where she said it was

But when he found no purse where she said it was

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I see those books and catch myself rapidly thinking “I will never be able to do this.”But regardless, that shouldn be able to kill my interest in reading. It makes no sense.So with that aside, has anyone gone through a similar circumstance where they lost interest in reading, but were able to pick it back up? What did you read or do that alleviated the problem?Find other things that inspire you creatively: music, painting, drawing, dancing, whatever.I also learned to change my perspective on what I consider “writing” and “reading.” For instance, I write for a living, but would like to write a few books before my mind goes kaput, and haven nailed down exactly what I want those books to be about. Instead of shaming myself for not working the next great American novel, I stopped to recognize the thousands of words that I already written (which would equal a novel).I also reached out to friends to hold me accountable, and we literally assign each other monthly writing projects to keep the creative juices flowing.I also stuck in the middle of a few books, but I still read a ton of articles and short stories.

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But when he found no purse where she said it was
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