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Edit: I think the Computer and information science (cis)

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They are both nurses by definition but an RN requires more education and has a larger scope of practice than an LPN. An RN is supposed to delegate tasks to the LPN (“give orders”) and manage the LPN assignments. Also, the RN can have her license affected if the LPN makes a mistake.

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moncler sale outlet You can take either CS 3410 or CS 3420. The other possible engrd I could recommend is ECE 2400, its a recently new course and CS3410 professor said that it helps if you have taken ECE 2400 before.Edit: I think the Computer and information science (cis) department website has requirement sheets for the major in both CAS and CoE.normaldude8825 0 points submitted 1 month agoIdk if it makes you feel better, but I once did a summer internship at the same building as a local newspaper and they made an article about the internship. They messed up 3 names, wrote CCS instead of CSS, and Java moncler outlet prices insteasd of JavaScript. moncler womens jackets moncler sale outlet

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Edit: I think the Computer and information science (cis)
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