Trang chủ Blog Vargas learns as much from his audiences as they learn from him

Vargas learns as much from his audiences as they learn from him

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For President Lyndon Johnson, it was bedtime reading. Richard Nixon didn’t care for it and allowed only one White House adviser to see it Henry Kissinger. Barack Obama received it on his iPad and had it circulated to more than 30 advisers.. Whether we start with the assumption that we are creatures of a personal God or that we are products of a mindless process, a whole network of consequences follows, and these consequences diverge dramatically. We are the intentional design of an intelligent creator, then we have a purpose, a destiny and a way in which to live our lives in order to fulfill that purpose. If we are nothing more than products of happenstance and chance, then we have no ultimate purpose and no meaning and no standard to guide the way we are to live or die.

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Vargas learns as much from his audiences as they learn from him
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